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This is the much anticipated game in 2017. Set to be released on March 3rd together with the Nintendo switch. The game having been delayed since 2013 is finally set to hit our screens this year. Breath of life is the 19th game produced by Nintendo in the Legend of Zelda series.


The game is set in Hyrule, a land where the different people live in peace and agreement. They are under the provision of Sheikah who guides and protects them. This state of peaceful co-existence is broken by the rise of the beast Calamity Gannon, who creates evil. He is stopped by the hero and the princess who attempt to stop his reign. In the process the hero is injured. The Sheikah left with no other options creates a couple of beasts to help with the defense against evil.

The beasts are able to capture and lock the monster in a castle. The unfortunate part is that in the process of defeating him, his powers were transferred to them making them gang up against the people of Hyrule. Driven by fear the people and their king chase Sheikah out of their land.

In the breath of life, Link, who has been asleep for a 100 years awakens and finds himself under the guidance and control of a female voice. It leads him to the ruined land of Hyrule where he learns from an old man all about what happened and where the beast has been locked.

It is up to him to find out how to defeat Calamity Gannon who has now accumulated a lot of power.

What to expect

· The game uses a detailed physical engine

· The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild has a new open world environment with HD resolution

· There is actual voice acting

· The players can play any of the dungeons without having to follow a set order.

Pre-Order, Release Date And Reception

Having been waited for so long, The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild has remained ranked amongst the most anticipated game releases world over. Despite the delays from 2013, gamers cannot wait for the actual release date in March.

Nintendo announced that the game is open for pre-order. The game has received positive reviews and an amazing reception after Nintendo showed the world its first trailer in January 2017.

The game has already received several awards including the Most Anticipated Game during The Game Awards 2016.

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