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With the Oracle games celebrating their fifteenth-year anniversary last year, I decided to replay Oracles of Ages & Seasons. I said and you go for myself this time, to collect scratch all 64 Magic rings. I decided to start my quest just before New Year’s and was able to finish it within two week’s time.

The swimmer’s ring worried me a little bit, because I know that in the diving minigame, the swimmer’s ring is required when you are trying to beat it. There is a tunnel maze underwater that you must go through within 30 seconds to reach a star, and it is quite difficult to do. On my third try, I was able to complete it in exactly 30 seconds. The trick was to swim right through the fish instead of trying to kill them. Getting hurt even gave me some boosts to get through it.

Both Hero’s Caves are where I got the only other rings I found interesting. I especially like the one that I got in Ages, one that really made me work hard for. It was in quite an evil room. In fact, if you screwed up in that room, which is easy to do, you’re required to start over. It was quite a nightmare to get through. The room after that worked with the same principle of having to start over, but in that one, you had to jump around the corners which was hard to do. Luckily, restore points on the 3DS make going through these rooms doable.

In all four save games, I was able to get the Rupee Ring, the Slayer’s Ring, and the 100th Ring. Of course, you really only need to get them once for your collections, but I was looking for completion. Because of this, I decided to get the achievements in all games, which required me to collect 10,000 Rupees, kill 1000 monsters, and appraise 100 rings every time. Though this took a while, it wasn’t too bad.